3D Ultrasound for Macon Residents
Ga. Privately Owned & Operated.

*All Packages include a 45-60 minute entertainment session
with DVD, CD, & many black & white photos.
Family & friends are graciously welcomed!
All appointments are made during lunch or after normal work hours.
Second Package best performed at 28-32 weeks.

First Photo Fetal 3D Ultrasound Imaging in Macon

First Photo Fetal 3D Ultrasounds Imaging specializes in 3D/4D Ultrasounds of your baby.
View live ultrasound sonogram images of your baby during your pregnancy. Check Walmart eye exam cost with insurance.
Receive up to 1 hour of baby ultrasound pictures on a DVD for as low as $100.00.
Family and friends are welcome and gender determination is 100% accurate. Liste de casinos en ligne autoris├ęs de https://topcasinoenlignes.com/.
Judy Hewitt has been serving clients in Macon, GA since 2000.

When to Get a 3D Ultrasound

Viewing unborn babies activities through 4D 3D ultrasounds services is indeed a great experience. It gives expectant parents a head start
into visually connecting with their un born child. But when is the best time to get a 4D 3D ultra sound?

The best time when to get 4D 3D ultrasound scan for best gender determination is at 16-24 weeks of pregnancy. This is because the sac on a
boy does not drop until around this time therefore at this time high degrees of accuracy are guaranteed.

The best time when to get a 4D 3D ultrasound for best viewing of the un born child is 25-28 weeks during this
time, 4D 3D ultra sound produces clear results for amazing activities like the baby playing with his feet or yawning and lucky parents can
catch a glimpse of their baby looking straight back at them, amazing isn't it.

The best time to get a 4D 3D ultra sound for a repeat peek at baby's movements is at 28-35 weeks at this time
4D 3D ultra sound still produces fairly good results for babies movements and features. Having had a 4D 3D sonogram at 26-28
weeks one can draw parallels and figures out some changes and growth.

At 35-37 weeks, there is limited movement of the un born baby making it hard to get a good view, and while many parents
still schedule for appointments for 4D 3D ultrasounds at this stage of their pregnancy, the best time to get 4D 3D
scan for best viewing is the earlier stages of the pregnancy.

Generally the best time to get 4D 3D ultrasound sessions done is routinely through out the pregnancy to help in spotting for
correction common anomalies like if the baby's position is right or if the growth pattern is at par with the expected birth date and also
check for birth defects ensuring baby has all features of a normal child. And also assist to monitor the
progressing pregnancy when the parent is at risk for specific conditions.

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